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Posted on Apr 20, 2012 in Finances

Free audiobook from Dave RamseyMy sister pointed this out to me and I couldn’t help but pass it along!

Through this weekend only, Dave Ramsey is offering a free kids audiobook download! No need to part with personal information, sign up for email lists, or anything like that. Just a plain and simple free mp3 audiobook download of one of their kids books.

This freebie reminds me that I need to teach my kids to be financially responsible. They’re only 1 and 2 years old, so I probably don’t need to focus on that quite yet other than developing good financial habits myself to model and pass along to them when they get older.

In The Super Red Racer, Junior learns about earning money to buy a new bike. All of our kid’s items are fun, entertaining, and teach important life lessons.

It’s only free for a few days, so snag it if you’re interested.

We actually visited Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Plaza about two weeks ago and watched his radio show live. We met him and talked for a bit, as well. Here’s our vlog of that trip if you’re interested in a “behind the scenes” look of The Dave Ramsey Show.

QUESTION: How do you teach financial responsibility to your children?

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