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Posted on Oct 20, 2011 in Family

Homemade non-toxic cleaning suppliesAbout a month ago, a pastor’s wife who I look up to with great respect encouraged me to throw away all of my harmful cleaning supplies. I have yet to do so, but have continuously been feeling convicted to do so.

Yesterday at a women’s Bible study I attend there were a couple ladies there talking about struggles with the harmful environment we have created for ourselves. One of the ladies has a son who has very poor health due to his (past) environment. Another lady shared how she developed bad health conditions, part of which are hereditary, but mostly environmental.

This conversation tied right in to the conversation at my Weight Watcher’s meeting about how most of the time, as the woman of the house we set the standard for how healthy our family will be. From the dinner table, to the chemicals we keep in our house. I used to brush off my friends on Facebook that would constantly post things about organic or all natural products and foods. Mostly because of the price, but also because, some times they just sounded a little nutty to me.

It has been about a month since Zeke spent the night in the hospital with pneumonia and we now own a nebulizer in case he has issues with breathing. I am nervous about the winter and all the sickness that usually comes with it. After the scare from the hospital was over, both Hannah and Zeke developed another sickness, and I am just worn out from having an unhealthy family.

I shot a little video about this on my YouTube channel, if you want to watch more about my experiences with this the past week or two.

My challenge to you this week is to clean out your house. I had hung on to my cleaning supplies because of price, but my friend who is also a pastor’s wife that encouraged me to throw everything out, sent me a great website that has different formulas to make my own cleaning supplies which will not harm my family and they are made with items I already have in my house!

Now to go box up my harsh cleaning supplies and post them on… or just throw them out.

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