Desperate prayer for our family

Posted on Aug 10, 2011 in Family, Spiritual

Mom praying for familySingle parenting absolutely scares me. Tim was out of town for several days, leaving me and the kids alone. I was so frightened about how things would go that I started praying about those days probably a week in advance, and then continued to pray several times a day during those four days for things to go smoothly.

I was shocked to experience three very smooth and easy days alone with the kids. I was confident as a mother, there was minimal fussing from the kids, and we had a fun time! I even kept a clean house!

Sunday morning in church I was reflecting over the last few days and how God had shown up in great ways. And I felt Him telling me, “You know, you could pray like this for your family every day.” How amazing would things be if I continue to pray constantly for our family. I know that tough days will still come, but if I stay focused on God and keep myself in check, then things usually go so much better.

Things did get a little rocky in the final six hours before Tim came home. The kids had pretty much lost it by the evening. It wasn’t really the welcoming I was hoping to give Tim and I’m sure it wasn’t the welcome he was hoping to get either, but I’m excited to see myself continue to drench our family in prayer.

QUESTION: How has praying for your family made a difference in your relationships and time together?

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Dana is a stay at home mom who loves the Lord, her husband, and children. When she's not serving one of them in some capacity, she's working out, making YouTube videos, sewing or watching a reality TV show.

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