Becoming financially free on a pastor’s salary

Posted on Aug 17, 2011 in Finances

The Great RecoveryA few weeks ago Tim and I watched an incredible live broadcast of Dave Ramsey pleading with our nation to take the first step of bringing our country into The Great Recovery.

We are huge Dave Ramsey supporters. God used him to get Tim and I out of debt almost three years ago, and to keep us out of debt. On Tim’s youth pastor salary and my income from a temp agency, together we paid off $22,525.61 in 15 months on a combined take-home pay of about $38,000/year. It’s freed me up to be a stay-at-home mom and allows Tim to pursue dreams that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to pursue.

I took some notes during Dave Ramsey’s live broadcast of The Great Recovery and here are some things that stood out to me.

Dave gave us a little history lesson starting with the fact that our country was founded on God as our provider. (Tim and I just celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary at Mount Rushmore and reading the huge plaque along the presidential trail confirms this.) Then the Great Depression hit in the ’30s and a shift was made both psychologically and spiritually. People stopped depending on God as their provider and started depending on the government to provide.

Dave went on to remind us that God is our provider. And the way God provides is through the creativity that he has given us to be able to provide.

Wow, I needed to hear that. When Tim was fired I will admit, every now and then, I got get into the mind set that I want Tim to hurry up and take the first job offered to him. For some reason I have had this idea that it would be smarter for us financially if Tim were to go to a building and work under another person. Luckily Tim is the head of our house and not me because I would act out of fear and emotion while Tim is able to stay level headed and listen more clearly to God without letting himself get in the way.

God is our provider. It has been eight months since Tim lost his job and we haven’t yet had to dip into our savings account! God has gifted Tim with creativity and a skill set to use and he is being obedient and following God’s will for him and our family. And God is providing. He gets to work for himself and follow whatever ministry dreams God lays on his heart, providing a salary that rivals most small-church pastors.

It’s amazing how God will provide. First we have to trust. Then we need to get smart with our finances and no longer be “slave to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7). If you’re not already living on a written budget, I highly encourage you to do so. Save up an emergency fund, climb out of debt, and continue on a financial journey that allows you to bless others by tithing and generously giving money away to others.

But we must first stop living in fear of the economy and take control of our own finances. Help spread the hope that the world is not crashing in around us. We all have hope. We can take control of our finances and live in financial peace even on a slim income. Turn to God for your provider and watch your faith grow.

Please go watch The Great Recovery and spread the word. It may be the best 50 minutes you’ve ever spent.

QUESTION: How much stress do finances create in your life? Do you feel like you and your spouse have sufficient control over your money?

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