How exercise gives me energy to serve

Posted on Jul 22, 2011 in Health

Dana with her bikeIt’s amazing how much our physical health effects our mood, and the way we treat our family. At the end of April I was feeling convicted about how out of shape I was, and I didn’t even know how bad it had gotten. Sure, I had two babies in the last two years and didn’t loose any weight between the pregnancies, but I was a new mom, I was allowed to have some extra weight.

I talked to a couple of my sister-in-laws about wanting to get healthier, but I had absolutely no motivation except for simply knowing I needed to get healthy.

At the beginning of May I signed up for Weight Watchers for the first time, and made a commitment to myself to start and complete Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred all the way through, 30 consecutive days without a break. That required Tim jumping on board, as well, to help me make the time to stick to my commitment. I announced to the world (via twitter and Facebook) what I was doing, and got a lot of positive feedback from both women and men of how helpful Weight Watchers has been for them.

At the end of the first month of living this new lifestyle, I couldn’t believe how strong and healthy I had become! Looking back I realized that I was incredibly lazy. I dreaded having to get up off the couch to go help one of our kids. That just makes me sad to know I let myself go that far. Now, three months into this new healthy lifestyle I love the energy and strength that has come with disciplining myself physically. I love having energy to get up and help the kids and I have totally bought into Jillian’s phrases during my workouts that I am strong and I can do this!

I went from being totally self absorbed, wanting everything for myself, even asking Tim to get me a drink so I didn’t have to move from the couch. And now I have so much energy I am slowly tackling projects around the house on top of keeping it in a state we can live in day to day.

Today is the perfect day to start moving. Not tomorrow — tomorrow you will move too, but after you start today. Get into an accountability group or talk to some people who can check in on you. Go on a walk, make healthy food choices, do something, not only for your own sake, but for the sake of your family and your ministry. You’ll be surprised how much more energy you’ll have to serve.

QUESTION: What is the number one thing getting in your way of being healthy? How can you change that? What motivates you do live a healthy lifestyle?

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Dana is a stay at home mom who loves the Lord, her husband, and children. When she's not serving one of them in some capacity, she's working out, making YouTube videos, sewing or watching a reality TV show.

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