The person who will whisk your spouse away

Posted on Jul 20, 2011 in Featured, Marriage

Whisk your spouse awayBack in 1999 I was a college student serving as a volunteer intern at a local church (not my dad’s church, which is a whole different story). There was a high school girl there who developed a special interest in me and, while I had not given her any special attention out of the ordinary, she would send me cards and letters thanking me for being so nice to her. When I saw her draw a picture of me in her drawing book, a flag went off in my head and I thought, “Okay, maybe I need to avoid this girl altogether.” Thankfully, I kept the youth pastor in the loop the whole time, so when her mom asked me if I would take her to prom, I obviously said no and the youth pastor stepped in.

We all have a need to feel special to someone else. It doesn’t matter if your young or old, married or single, we all have a propensity to gravitate to whoever gives us the best special attention. Sometimes that’s the church as a whole. Sometimes that’s another person.

Us married people need to work extra hard on giving our spouses more special attention than anyone or anything else.

And you single people need to focus on giving God you special attention until He brings someone else to your life to share it because, if you can’t learn to give it to God before there’s someone else to compete with it, you won’t do it after you’re married, so learn now.

QUESTION: What makes your spouse feel special?

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Tim is a dad who is imperfectly pursuing his wife and children while ultimately trying to pursue the Lord's vision for his family. He's written a few books and dabbles in online video, mostly to support his primary ministry at home.

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